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Scented Maple Syrup Waffle NecklaceRecently I wrote about a new auction-based marketplace called I sold my first item there on Monday and want to share my experience with this Tophatter review.

There were dozens of lots (listings) on auction that Monday morning and mine was scheduled at the very end. I got in the party at 11am central and hung around multitasking with admin work while I waited till it was my turn. Every now and then I would make a comment or answer someone’s generic question. I had set my “name” to “”, my entire URL to my shop so that whenever people saw my comment in chat, I could kill two birds with one stone: people would know my brand name AND my url at the same time.

I set to receive a text message when my listing would soon be on auction, and true to its word I got a buzz on my cellphone with a nice message. I had waited a little past an hour.

Mind you, when your item gets put on the spotlight, it’s a very fast process. I’d say I was typing as fast as I could to answer questions and pitch my product, and it all took no more than 2 minutes until my auction was settled.

On the interface, bidders get to view information like product name, pictures and a description. Tophatter doesn’t mention this, but you can write simple HTML to include <a href> links to make your product copy more interesting. Don’t forget to add your website or Etsy page link here so people can find you during or afterwards. As a consumer it’s always interesting to see the story behind a handmade product, such as the person who made it and their work process, for example. This was a good chance for me to show off my branding with my website.

I got lucky on my first time though. It was only a few days after the above waffle necklace was featured on a Parks and Recreation episode where Amy Poehler aka Leslie Knope wears my necklace through the entire episode.

So I knew I had something very news-worthy to pitch in my short time in the limelight.

When your item goes up for auction, the auctioneer tells everyone the retail product price range. This is where it gets interesting! When I set up my listing, I was asked to specify my exact retail price for my necklace. It goes for $28 on my website. At the time of the auction, however, everyone else can only see a price range, i.e. “$25-$30″.

This makes total sense, because if Tophatter had blatantly showed the exact price (even though it’s easy to find on my website), no one would ever bid above the retail price. Why would someone bid $30, for example, if they found they can buy it on my website for only $28?

The price range gives people a good idea for how much the item is worth, without really giving away the exact value. Good move there, Tophatter.

So I was chatting with people about my Parks and Rec 30 minute fame on TV. I barely had time to look at the live current bids. I started my minimum bid at $10, close to my wholesale price. And eventually it sold for $24. Tophatter takes a 10% commission off your winning bid, so eventually I received a Paypal notification for $24.60 ($24 winning bid + $3 shipping – $2.40 commission).

I made just shy of $19 for the necklace. That’s a 32% discount off my retail price, or a $9 cost all together.

Let’s make sense of those numbers:

When I entered the auction, I saw a total of 70 people already inside. I wasn’t keeping track of how many people came and went, or how many people there were left at the end of the auction. You can easily argue that products for sale at the earlier end (or maybe at the later end?) would have had more attention. I had at least 7 people come to my website to browse within 24 hours of my auction going live. I say “at least” because there are always discrepancies, and you never know who searched your shop name in search engines from when they saw it at Tophatter. Assuming 70 people were in the auction, 7 people converting to my website makes that a 10% conversion rate, which I’m pleased with. These 7 people spent an average of 7 minutes 2 seconds on my website, which is a very nice. From this, I know they’re engaged and interested. Who knows, these 7 people might come back later… and eventually buy something!

Now, my item will be on the Tophatter website for a bit. They list a archive of past auctions for 2 weeks, so anyone looking through this may click my link too in the next 14 days. I know, statistical data like this is finicky, there’s no exact number, just estimates and averages.

For $9, I’d have to say this marketing promo was so-so.  Tophatter’s 10% cut is steep, but considering that they provide you an instant sale, that’s not too much to ask. I had some short time for chatting with people in real time, and even had some people convert into website visitors. Plus I gain 2 weeks for being listed in their archives for people to see. I’d like to view this as not just a one time sale, but also as another way to market your shop. Something like this does have long-term effects on your overall business.

I might do it again for fun, or when slow sale days come along. Remember, the more successful sales you do, the higher your Tophatter reputation, allowing you to have more freedom and flexibility in posting more items in the future.

The risky thing with Tophatter, however, is that you could potentially sell your item for waaay less than your retail price. My cost could have been so much higher. Apparently it was a “bad day” in the auction house, and people claim to experience better bidding response on other days. To minimize this risk, set your minimum bid to somewhere close your wholesale price so you don’t lose out too much.

Have you sold on Tophatter before? What was your experience like? If you have any questions, fire away!


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  1. Jess says

    Love your review – but wanted to mention you DO get the shipping. For example, I sold something today for $26, that was the winning bid and I charged $3 shipping in the lot and when the buyer paid, I received $29. I looked through my last 10 sales on there and all of them are winning bid PLUS shipping, the shipping isn’t rolled into the winning bid, it’s added onto it. Aside from that though, great review of tophatter! I have had really great success and about 75% of my items have sold for retail or higher and I often sell the item I have up for auction in my Etsy shop within minutes of the sale ending to someone who lost the auction. I would give it another try :) also wow, your necklace is ADORABLE and congrats on being P&R, that is incredible!! Way to go!!!

    • says

      Hey Jess! It’s a pleasure having you drop by again.
      Thanks for the correction! I was looking at all my numbers and it didn’t make sense until I realized that Tophatter automatically takes their 10% commission right from the transaction.
      So here’s what happened for me. Winning bid was $24, shipping $3. Buyer was to pay $27 – which she did! Tophatter takes their 10% and automatically deducts this, leaving me with $24.60. That makes sense now. It was confusing at first, the way they did it! Thanks for clarifying again Jess.

      That’s really great that you’ve gotten winning bids of retail price or over that! Would you mind sharing your shop link with us? That way if anyone has questions they can ask your opinion too!

      • Jess says

        Hi Mei,

        Thanks! What happens is, if someone uses the 10% off Facebook thing, then it automatically comes out and then Tophatter will mark it as paid, since you were paid 10% less. If someone does not use a 10% off coupon, then an invoice will show up for you to pay Tophatter, which you will show up on your invoices page :). Also, sometimes people use the new customer $5 off voucher, in which case Tophatter will send you $5 in Paypal to make up for that difference.

        I am in LOVE with your work :) I do hope to see you on there again soon!

        And sure, no problem :) I am always happy to help! My shop is Thank you :) Karrie, I have a few items tonight in the Valentine’s auction as well :D! I am interested to see how it goes. I seem to get the most amount of money from the handmade craft auctions. The few times I have had a bad experience of either a buyer not paying or selling for a poor price is in the specialty auctions, such as Twilight or Harry Potter, but since the majority have been fantastic, I will definitely still keep selling on Tophatter. Plus I have had numerous sales on Etsy from people who found me on there and my traffic has doubled, so I am in love with this site :D! I would definitely keep at it Mei!

        One tip I have, is I type of descriptions, and potential question answers in excel and then quickly copy/paste in the auction, so that I don’t have to worry about that taking up as much time (granted I still type freakishly fast lol, but I am all about being efficient). That might help you out too :)! Good luck – your stuff is GORGEOUS Mei!

    • Nancy says

      I’m new to the Tophatter site, but I think it is bogus in many ways….. You spend so long waiting for an auction that says it “Will reopen in _____ minutes”…. Then it goes from there to “Closed… Auction is Full” without ever reopening like it said it was going to do. And when you are new, and do not have a sales history, you can only list ONE item in a 7-day period…. I could do better on Craigslist.

  2. says

    Hi Mei
    I was at that auction the other day. Iam UnusuallyYours ~ It was great for me ~ I sold my hair ties for the price I sell them on Artfire and then I got a sale to boot!! So that was nice. I have a wreath going on the block later tonight ~ I am a little nervous about that cause they dont seem to sell high on tophatter but we will see!! Great review by the way :)

    • says

      Hi Karrie! Thanks so much for stopping by Beyond Handmade and also at my Tiny Hands Blog!
      That’s really good to hear that people are actually getting good prices for their items. The comment above, Jess, shares your positive experience. I think it’s enough for me to try again some more.
      Good luck with the auction on your wreath! I see it in the Valentine’s block tonight, it’s very pretty. You must report back with the result after you get back from Bible Study! ;)

      PS I love your scarves! I bet those will sell really well on Tophatter!

  3. says

    Yeah I have to wait to get more openings in the scheduling ~ Cant wait to list more on there!! O and thanks I am glad you like my scarves~ I have more but just need to get pics and get them listed :)

  4. says

    Well reporting back~~ My wreath sold for $16 plus $11 shipping. Usually my wreaths sell for $40 or $50 so not a really good deal for me but anywho ~ I got another sale on there so hopefully I will be able to list more soon. Got my hair ties up on the block Friday at noon. Heard some people say after 3 sales you get more openings ~ I hope so. Your stuff should sell good on there cause it seems people really like jewelry on tophatter. Gonna make some necklaces when I get more spots to list. Good luck to you with tophatter!!!!

    • says

      Hey Karrie!
      That’s a bummer. I wasn’t sure how people would respond to bigger ticket items (above $30). I suppose that if you cover your costs at least, you can count the rest as the cost for promoting your shop, so it may still be a good thing for your business.

  5. says

    Well maybe about how people like me who are just getting started in this online selling can get more sales. Places to sell online and how to go about getting your name out there in the big www

    • says

      That’s a great question – I wish I had answers to that when I just started out!
      There are a hundred ways to increase sales and get your name out there, it’s finding the right mix of strategies that work well for you and your lifestyle AND your product that’s the tricky part! I’ll add this to my drafts so I’ll remember to write about it. Thanks!

  6. says

    Thank you SO much for posting this! I just discovered the site and have put my business card designs up for auction on the 22nd of this month. I feel a bit better auctioning my graphics designs in the beginning- as I learn more and see if it fits me, I may include my sculptures from my other etsy shop (MineToMe).

    Again, thank you for this. I’m all a-flutter about the auction. It’s so much fun to watch!


    • says

      Hey Phanie!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog!
      I hope your auction goes well. That’s just two days from now! I’ve heard that as TopHatter becomes more popular, it’ll get more saturated and consumers will bid less. I’m hoping that won’t happen but I think it’s a realistic eventual outcome.

  7. says

    Had my first TopHatter experience today and was floored. Sold two clutches this morning. One went for $16 (plus $3 s/h) and the other $18 (plus $3 s/h). Crazy thing is I sale them for $12 on Etsy. I was hoping for my minimum bid ($6 plus $3 s/h). I have another auction scheduled for tomorrow. Curious how it will turn out. Kim

  8. says

    Hi Mel,
    I have sold seven items on Tophatter. At the beginning, the experience was great, but then I noticed I was not making what I needed on it. With one item, I did not make anything, because shipping to Canada was more than I expected.
    That said, it did increase traffic to my Etsy store for about 2-3 weeks.
    Now the experience is even more difficult because of limited lot space. So many people are listing, it takes forever to get into the auction. Plus, they have increased their minimum fee to $1 ($1 or 10%, whichever is greater.)
    Finally, I wonder if Tophatter is the right place for my items. I make hand-stitched embroidered biscornu (pincushions), so I would list them in “Handmade items” category. When it came to the auction, most of the items there were handmade soaps and bath products. So, here is my ornate beaded pincushion, stuck between two huge blocks of handmade soap. It was a bit off theme.
    Thank you for the review, and congrats on the spotlight.

  9. says

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been on Tophatter for about a month and I have mixed reviews. I really don’t like how they bump the amount of lots you can sell. One day, it’s 10 lots and the next day, it could be 3 lots. I have to say that I have sold allot of items but not at the price I’d like to get. It seems like Tophatter has become more of chat rooms than anything else.

    Hope I didn’t sound to negative. Apologies if I did.


    • says

      Hi Sheila!
      Thanks for your input on your experience with Tophatter.
      I think it worked more positively when it first started out. Now that Heartsy is gone and the word is getting out about Tophatter, it’s growing quickly and things are getting harder to control.

      Sit back and watch the dynamics of the Tophatter economy. ;)

      Do you think you might keep doing it?

  10. sheila says

    I have found that once I sold the required 3, that for the last month, I can not get anything scheduled. The last time that I did have something scheduled, it got lost in all the gibber jabber that everyone was talking about who knows what. When I found Tophatter, I was excited, now after daily trying, I just give up. Everyone, even guys, love my products but there, handcrafted and quality didn’t seem to compete with all the jewelry and beads for sale. For a few it could be great, but for the rest who has wonderful unique product for get it.

  11. Cynthia says

    Just my experience with Tophatter on the buyer’s end.
    If you see something you love (and don’t have a phone to get a text reminder of it coming up), you either have to sit and watch each item before it or chance missing getting to bid on it. Not good.

    I was given a $5 newbie credit to use on my first auction. However, when I won my first auction (which was unintentional, I was trying to chat with the seller and ask a question and the return key somehow placed a bid instead of sending my question), the credit disappeared. I contacted help and they chatted with me that they couldn’t fix or give me back my credit. I’d have to pay for the auction and then get a refund in my Paypal account. Well, that was about 20 emails, 8 help chats and almost a month ago. Still no help. Still no refund. They flat out refused to give me any management contact info so I could elevate this to get my refund.

    Searching on reviews/complaints for Tophatter, there are many complaints out there from buyers.

    For me, it was difficult to see all that was available and if there was more info for the seller (like an Etsy website, etc.) I didn’t get to see it. I think building up your profile and reviews on a site like ebay where the buyer gets to have a little more guarantee on the product and services, would be more worthwhile. And I really didn’t like that you had to sit and watch the auction bids just to wait to get to the one you were interested in. I’ve heard a lot of negative things about the standbys too.

    Ok, just my 5 cents. Thanks.

  12. Heather says

    I was muted 2 days ago and completely muted today fro the forum on tophatter because with all the new changes they have made, there are now cyberbullies and cliques on TH that are abusing the report feature to mute sellers that compete with their product. The new hosts that were “top sellers” have the power to mute a person at any time with no reason or explanation. It happened to me. I have gone around and around with staff on the muting and I get a runaround of email responses telling me to send an email to even though I already did, that’s how they were able to respond to send me in circles. I took this to the forum with staff and I am the one that puts all the correct info out there and they hate that, so once I proved staff was lying and running users in circles I was muted. I am warning people to be very cautios on tophatter, there are users that have protection by the staff and hosts and they will drive you out with a mute. If your item comes up to the block and you can’t answer questions due to being muted, the bids stop and no repeat buyers, the buyers think you have something to hide and that’s why you don’t answer….when in reality you can’t. There is no accountability whatsoever and no one can tell me why I was muted, just that I had this many reports but not who is doing it, then I am told that the auction I was muted in has no record of me even speaking-that alone speaks volumes.

    • says

      Heather, Hello, i am just a buyer, today i was muted on chat for answering a question that someone had ..ans she wasn’t even the person who started the conversation !! My chat was 3 words long..’”no but TH does ” not nasty, no cuss words, or abrevations of cuss words, no negativiaty, ..jst a simple answer…there were at least 15 people who were talking about it and after muting the one who started conversation and was still complaining wasn’t muted..interesting !! hum.. Playing favorites , makes me wonder…i dont think TH peeps liked my answer to the question ‘””does anyone make money here ?”” This question came up because people were not getting a chance to promote items or buyers a chance to ask questions if stuff they wanted to know wasn’t in description because it was moving along so fast !! and SELLERS & BUYERS were all talking about it !! Not only is it not fair to the sellers that it moves so fast , they can not promote their items so they lose out on a sale and still have to pay fees, buyers don’t have a chance to bid if they have a now that TH has muted me and others they cant get info they need therefor don’t buy and sellers lose out..THE only ones who dont lose is TH ,they still get their money , and therefore it shows that they don’t care about much…OH sure i emailed them so we’ll see what they say but i’m sure it will be a pat answer, maybe they should hear from all us buyers that when u mute and we cant ask questions simply because the answer was the truth..GUESS what we don’t wanna buy on your site anymore and no buyers means no sellers means NO PAYCHECKS for those peeps that run TH.. !! HA ! what goes around comes around as they say !

  13. says

    I started on Tophatter early this spring and was thrilled. Sold several things, the instant gratification was great.

    But then… they changed the fee, increasing it. Then they changed how you can schedule items. All of a sudden there are no more slots and you have to try to go for Standby. Prior to the change I was bumped up from 1 item to 3 items allowed to be scheduled. Since the switch I have had difficulty getting noticed in Standby, which is so saturated with “junk” and people so desperate to sell something, anything.

    I’ve now been bumped back DOWN to 1 item, making it practically impossible to sell anything.

    There are some benefits to drive people to my web site or etsy shop. But is it really worth it? I’ve complained to the powers that be about being bumped back down to (1) but I got some pathetic answer basically saying “there is nothing we can do for you…”.

    I’m disgusted but perhaps they’ve done me a favor. I do feel like I’m giving my work away for free on the site. They recommend you list your item low to attract interest. But with the lower cost and the seller fees it hardly seems worth driving to the post office…

  14. Kathy says

    I have been selling on Tophatter for a while now, don’t really know why since you make almost nothing. The thing that bothers me the most is the fact that even just a few months ago you could still see handmade items, but now all you see are cheap rings etc. that have come from DHGate or Alibaba. They are so obviously not what they claim, genuine stones, gold plate, sterling silver, etc. It seems that no one even wonders how you can sell six million carats of genuine amethyst, in sterling silver, for a nickle. The other day a seller claimed that she was selling a cubic zircon pendant, but I know it was just glass and came from Hobby Lobby, because I just bought two of them! This whole thing will come crashing down, the question is when.
    I really think that if they get much bigger complaints will start to pour in and the FEDS will investigate and that will be the end.

  15. juliette russo says

    I did well selling on tophatter a few months ago down to making almost nothing now. I can not compete with the fake gemstones and ebay china items and I refuse to cave in and start selling them. The are now raising their fees in the jewelry category from an already high 10% to an astronomical 13% final value fee, and they will be charging high flat fees in all the handmade categories too. I have already closed my account. I refuse to pay those crazy fees!

    That site is completely unethical. Tophatter does not care about what is being sold, nor do they care if the buyer gets their item. All complaints are sent to where they are quickly ignored. and when questioned on the forum, the help staff immediately directs you to make a paypal claim saying it is out of their hands.

    Good luck to any new sellers that try tophatter, and I hope that this review page will save a buyer from being scammed. Don’t say you havent been warned! Do your homework by searching the web for complaints!

    • says

      Thanks for your in-depth review on your recent experience with TopHatter, Juliette!
      I’m sure other people coming this way will find this useful. I’ve not used TopHatter since my writing of this review page, so there have definitely been changes to TopHatter since.
      It’s too bad the direction they’re going is making so many people unhappy!

  16. Lola says

    there are so many problems with tophatter.. First if you notice the SAME items over and over and over, it’s because certain sellers that are on there all day long bid on each others items to get them going. I have even seen them talking about it in the sellers lounge. Secondly, i was in an auction room the other day where a ring (that is up for sale 10 + a day), was up for bid, and someone in the room who also sells there a lot stated the ring had fake opals and he wanted to know why this ring was allowed to keep selling! Another problem is, the “old timers” that sell there daily, actually talk bad about other peoples items, in order to make people not bid on it in hopes they will bid on their item! If a particular ,seller has things in Standby, one of their “friend/sellers) place a fake bid on it to get it out of Standy, it is so rude and not ethical in any way.
    The fees are high and very biased

    Hope it helps

  17. says

    your article is very informative. Yestrday I made a “super great deal” on tophatter. I´ve sold my studs that I sell for 13$ on etsy for 2$ & that´s without shipping, because I´ve noticed that I ship internationaly for 4$ that was not included for the contries listed above (USA, Canada, UK) I didn´t know that, because I´m in Germany & for me its international too :) Ok, so, I sold studs for 2$ & paid 3,45Euro (what is more then 4$) I´m not complaining because the person who sold them was really very kind & friendly, she offered me to refund her these 2$ & forget about it, but it´s Christmas time & I decided to send it anyway. But I´m really hesitating whether I´ll be using The system is interesting but it takes too much time to clear everything up & become really successful there.

  18. BWalsh says

    So glad I stumbled by this page because now I will never buy anything from TopHatter. I’m a unionist at heart and TopHatter’s business model is blatanty unfair! Thanks but I’ll stick with Etsy.

  19. Kelly says

    I purchased a couple of items on Tophatter and was upset about an issue with their promotional credit. I contacted their support and met the rudest uncaring person ever. It is obvious that they do not care about their customers.

  20. me says

    I started selling on tophatter in Oct. I have paid over 400 in fees in 3 months. Their prices are high, they do not care about their sellers, nor buyers. All those lab Russian diamonds are Cz’s
    The gold plated rings are really plated. as for muting, If your item is up you can talk, u are only muted from gen chat, once your item is finished you are back to being muted. They have sellers that have been with them from the start so they do favor them 100% as for people buying items from alliexpress and other sites like that, Its a easy way to get in contact with a over sease maker and buy their products in bulk, almost everything is made in china these days. I was muted a few months ago because a seller said I took their product, and their friends got together and reported me. Fact is you cant take someones product its not hand made by them, its a mass produced product that anyone has access to. Be careful on tophatter, If your a buyer or seller. They just changed the policy for shipping and tracking due to people not getting their items. Also remember you have 45 days to open a claim with paypal. I have seen complaints now from buyers getting their ordered canceled due to them winning the item for a low price. Also some of the old timers bid on each others items to get the bidding going. I have also seen complaints of other sellers who have not been there long or who are not part of the “click” Getting their items bid on by people and not pay, come to find out it was a seller bidding on the product because they sell the same item. Iam getting ready to stop selling there! Also if your item does not sell you still have to pay the listing fee.

  21. says

    I would like to invite everyone to participate in a discussion related to Tophatter’s knowing and complicit selling of illegal items to the unsuspecting public and suppliers that resell to brick and mortar shops that you may easily come in contact with as a buyer. One of many illegal items sold are gold plated jewelry with a 14K stamped hallmark. In other words, they are allowing to be sold fake stuff and representing it to be solid gold. It is my wish to create enough momentum through social media as to pressure Tophatter to Stop with the Fraud, and I need help. Please come share your own experiences. And share your own thoughts. And see if you can be a part of the force that will Stop Tophatter Fraud. Thank you for your consideration.

  22. says

    My experience with Tophatter is not as good as you seem to make yours out to be. I have to admit that I joined TH about 6 months ago. In the beginning I loved it and it was an awesome place to be. I recommended it to many. However, in the past 2-3 months things have changed so drastically I only recommend running in the other direction. That 10% commission in Jewelry has now gone to 13% plus you must pay a fee to even be listed into the auction. Those fee’s range from 1.75 – 3.00 per item on top of the commission you owe if your item sells. If it does not sell you are still charged the listing fee. If you sell every auction you can easily rack up $50-100 in fees due to TH in a 24 hour period. I have invoices and receipts to show you as proof. Also, there is a clique on TH. If you cause any issue with any of the select few your time is limited. Once my items started selling for as much and more than their items my time was cut short. I was set up and account suspended over an issue I was not even allowed to defend my self on. They took one side and ran with it. Do you really want to be associated with a site who does not have time to listen to and make proper decisions based on evidence? I miss my friends on there, yes, but the never ending daily changes, fees, accusations and stress is a welcomed departure.

  23. Dee says

    I started on tophatter over a month ago, and let me tell you I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread!!!!! So much that I went and bought a new pc, a printer for paypal, and a camera to take pictures of my items. Things seemed a little slow and it took me awhile to get the whole fee and % down. I got it , then they changed the % from 10 to 13% plus in a featured auction fee is 2.75. Well then I found a good item to put in the auction and it made me a few dollars well someone else started selling the same item which didn’t bother me as much as that now I couldn’t get that item in an auction at all! The last time I did get that particular item in it was around3 am and I had counted the amount of items that were to go ahead of mine it was about 30 items, well amagine my surprise when 2 hour went by and my item was still 30 items behind. It was to be reported but anyone who had put in a reminder to buy that item was gone and I couldn’t sell it at all. Now when I come in to the auction no one will bid on my items and you can hear a pin drop. Yes there are “clicks” on tophatter just like in high school and I say to anyone wanting to sell there don’t do it. On a better note there is a new auction just coming up that has no fees and all they ask for is a donation of an item ( money) to be given as a door prize at the end of the night. The name of the site is I started selling there and it has been a pleasure. You can put up to 5 items in an auction and at the end of the night you could win a door prize. Good Luck to everyone out here trying to make there ends meet on line God Bless and Take Care

  24. says

    I was mostly looking around for a place to put my two cents in. First of all, your stuff is super cute.
    Second of all, I simply do not like TopHatter. When I first started selling there when they first started out, it was mostly focused on handmade items. Now, the handmade people have to compete with the imported from china/cheap stuff sellers. I lost so much money on my items because I always went for the $1.00 starting bid (as they recommend to start at) and to top that off, it is always hard to get into an auction. Tophatter was a good premise at first, but their politics and rules have made it hard for me to make a living. I’ve had much more success and quicker sales on — And we also have many wonderful supporting groups such as where we encourage other people to check out the Outbid platform. I love that there are no fees, you can make an auction whenever you like, and you can promote it however you want. Outbid is the best thing that has happened to me sales-wise.

  25. says

    I also came on here looking for a place to say something about Tophatter. NOW, as in, not always, but NOW they schedule you for one auction only, if you are new. Then you somehow have to get 10 feedbacks in order to go into any other single auction. But how can you get more sales/feedback in order to go into the next auction? No one knows. No sellers know. No auction assistants know.

  26. says

    I was doing research for a Tophatter Review of my own when I came across your article. I used a quote from your blog in it. You’re one of very few people who had anything positive to say about this site. It looks like you wrote this over a year ago and much has changed. My review was not so nice.

  27. somm says

    don’t know if you have tried selling anything there lately. the fees on
    sellers are outrageous. u r charged to have ur items listed, if they
    are not sold , too bad, not refundable. And 14% commission when they are
    sold. That’s too much on a seller. At the end u are not making anything
    and they are making everything.

    They love money so much that
    they will not even refund the commission or listing fees when a buyer
    returns his/her purchased item. They careless about their sellers which
    in turn affect the buyers.

  28. Dawn Taylor says

    Just a note to let you know
    Tophatter has become a very different website than what you originally
    wrote about. There are now listing fees per auction, commission fees of
    10 – 15% on both the items winning bid and the shipping costs and now
    require you to give them your personal banking information. I joined as a seller this past year to get some repeat customers for my handmade jewelry while I’m preparing my own website and have gotten disgusted over all of the changes that have taken place since I joined. As of today, 2/4/2014, I am no longer allowed to list my items for auction until I join the “marketplace payment system” which requires me to enter my personal banking information. Why? Isn’t that what paypal is for? I’ve already had money stolen from my account before and this does not bode well with me. The other place that I used also had a “secure” system and look what happened. It’s a great place if you don’t care that you spend more money than you make, but for someone who counts every dollar find someplace else to go.

  29. Kathleene Hirsch says

    I recently un-subscribed to the Tophatter auction site, now I wish I had not done this, I acted to quickly. I would like to know how I can be re-instated to Tophatter auction site.